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CentOS 8.2 (as a server)

CentOS is another stable, heavily used Linux distribution. After Debian, it's the one I use the most.

In the video below I install CentOS 8.2 as a "Server with GUI". That means it will have a desktop environment (Gnome) when it is complete. After the installation is complete I show a couple of basic settings changes including how to change from a DHCP-obtained IP address to a static IP address. Enjoy!

Minimum Requirements

CPU 2 GHz 2 logical CPUs recommended for a VM
RAM 2 GB 4 GB recommended for VMs
Drive space 20 GB

Duration: 25 minutes

  • CentOS Download: link
  • CentOS Documentation: link
  • CentOS Wiki: link
  • CentOS Forums: link
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