Building Linux Servers--DHCP, DNS, and DS

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Building Linux Servers: DHCP, DNS, and Directory Services provides a hands-on experience for new technicians, as well as more experienced technicians, specifically with networking technologies, including the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (or DHCP), the Domain Name System (or DNS), and directory services (DS) - also known as a kind of identity management technology. Through the use of hands-on demonstrations, David imparts his considerable knowledge and experience in a manageable way. By the end of the course, viewers should have a more in-depth understanding of how computer networking operates, as well as how to configure these technologies.

Over 13 hours of content. Topics include:

  • Module 1: Virtualization and Linux Preparation
  • Module 2: DHCP
  • Module 3: DNS
  • Module 4: Directory Services

Here are a few sample videos.

Basic Usage of SSH

Creating a NAT Network in VirtualBox

Introduction to DHCP

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